Thursday, March 31, 2016


Trust You

Out looking over the waves

Wondering how it could be so deep

And the shore seems so far away 

Hoping to make it there and not sink

But you believe in me

It's the least I can do to trust you 

I can't walk on the waves

I need to have faith

When you're calling my name

I need to have faith 

Alone in the sea

Feeling so small in the storm

When my eyes catch your gaze

Nothing else matters anymore

I believe that I can

I believe that I will

I believe that you make the waves be still

I believe that you give 

I believe that you love

I believe when you say that I am enough

And you still believe in me

It's the least I can do to trust you

I took this photo this morning while I was walking and spending time with God at the river. He reminded me of this poem I wrote a few months ago based on Matthew 14:22-33, where Peter tries to walk on the water toward Jesus. All of the words rushed back to my memory. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I hope it helps you too. 

Friends, you may not understand what God is doing right now but I assure you that He will finish what He started. Just keep your gaze on Him and have faith that He won't let you sink. He will give you strength, just trust.

Always Love,


Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I've been going through a hat phase recently and I actually find it very empowering. Wearing a hat usually draws attention and I get a lot of stares in public places. Personally, I don't like standing out because it makes me uncomfortable but I'm trying to worry less about the thoughts of others, so I found that a hat is very helpful. 

When people look at me, I just look back and smile, even though my mind is telling me I look silly with a hat on. In reality, people are probably looking because they actually like my hat and think it's cute. In fact, there have been multiple kind strangers who have complimented it over the past few days. I recieved comments at church, Publix, Target, the mall, the florist, and Starbucks! All in a matter of days.

Fact: When you wear something trendy and different, you tend to get more compliments.

Amazing, right?

I also think a hat pulls an outfit together and now I feel like my look is missing something if I don't wear one. It's addicting. 

Jean shirt: F21 | Jeggings: American Eagle | Glasses: F21 | Hat: Target | Necklace: Modest Gold

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, when I went to visit a church I used to attend and I wore my hat. I felt weird at first because no one else was wearing one, but I told myself to just embrace it. Then, I went in the sanctuary and saw that all of the worship leaders were wearing hats! It made me happy because I'm a worship leader too. Also, I realized we can all be leaders, even when it comes to fashion. Setting trends can make you stand out but the truth is you look awesome, so smile and embrace it!

Always Love,


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


We all have realizations that shape us at various stages of our lives. These "aha moments" come from an idea or thought that affect us so drastically that we are amazed we never paid attention to it before. You may ask yourself, "Why didn't I realize that then? It would have made things so much easier and now it seems so obvious". Unfortunately, you will never be able to go back in time and talk to yourself (unless of course time travel becomes a real thing, which would be totally cool too..). 
Instead, you have to rest in the fact that God's timing is perfect. We are all on a life journey and we are all discovering different things at different times. We can't know everything that lies ahead and we shouldn't blame ourselves every time we learn a lesson. Everything has to be learned at some point. Everything. Even the smallest thing has its time to be learned. 
For example, I was just told that a sponge can be thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned and it may seem obvious to the common human but my mind was blown... For real. It is a constant process. 
Don't beat yourself up if someone else knows something you don't or if you mess up on something that you didn't know how to do. Guess what? The fact that you messed up just helped you learn something! So tell yourself congrats for becoming a little bit wiser. 
Also, remember how you felt when you made the mistake and make sure that you allow others to learn as well. You may think something is so easy or common sense that someone else may not have learned yet. So teach them, and you will probably learn from them in return. After all, the best way to learn is to teach. 
Lastly, always remember to seek after God and be open to everything he is teaching you. He is molding you into the person He wants you to be and He is the greatest, wisest teacher of all. 
"The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you." (Philippians 4:9)

Three takeaways: 
-Have a teachable spirit and teach patiently. 
-Allow room for yourself and others to make mistakes.
-Remember that life is a learning process. 
-Be open to God's guidance 
We all have interesting lessons, skills, and tips we can give each other. Now let's help each other grow by commenting below with a life realization that we would like to share! 
Here's mine that actually happened today. 
I was walking on the beach and I saw this beautiful shell. I was reminded of how much I used to love finding shells and collecting them when I was younger. It wasn't the beauty of the shells that changed, it was my ability to notice them. As I grew older, I became less aware of the little beautiful things in life and distracted by thoughts that blocked my imagination. Now, I really want to see the beauty in little things and love all of God's creation. Big and small. 

Comment with something, anything, you've learned that has changed your perspective! (Even if you learned it the hard way)
Always Love,

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Over the past few years, I attended a Christian college called Palm Beach Atlantic University and graduated with a degree in Organizational Management. This degree was mostly about self leadership. Why? Because you can't lead others if you can't lead yourself. The entire program was geared toward helping people know themselves. This approach changed my life. There were so many things about myself that I never knew. I didn't know my personality type, my leadership style, my passion, or my purpose. All of my professors were dedicated to helping us find our God given calling. Most importantly, I was able to look back over my life and see who I was. I was able to connect my experiences with my natural talents and discover who God created me to be from the start.

Here are 10 main areas that I learned.

1. My personality type is ISFP (Introvert, Senser, Feeler, Perceiver). This personality is often identified as the Adventurer/Artist because we are spontaneous/creative but we are also very aware, sensitive to our emotions, and very empathetic toward others.

2. I have had multiple experiences that have confirmed my calling to Music and Missions. I found that if I ever try to get away from either one of these, God will always bring me back so that His plan is fulfilled.

3. I was definitely led to my college to get a business degree and a minor in ministry. God wanted me to be prepared to combine the two.

4. My main spiritual gift is Mercy and I should always be using it to glorify God each day.

5. My leadership style is to lead by example. I am the one who always seeks harmony in a group setting. I want everyone's opinion to be heard and each person to know that they are valued.

6. I value freedom. I don't like to be tied down because it makes me feel like I'm in a box. I would rather take the risky path than go through the same consistent routine everyday. That is why business, music, and missions excite me. They each take risk and may not have a consistent income or schedule. Also, each can make traveling possible and I want to see the world, rather than live in one place. 

7. My love language is Words of Affirmation (based off of the book the 5 Love Languages). That means I show and receive love most effectively through kind words and encouragement. I also get hurt easily by critical or offensive words. 

8. Even when I was a little girl, I loved fashion. My mom said I always wanted to dress myself and pick out my own clothes. In kindergarten I would have to make sure my socks matched my dress everyday. Also, throughout my childhood I always sang. I sang solos in church, I was in the school chorus, and I did all kinds of musicals. Lastly, I did well in school when it came to writing. I was never very good at math but writing and the arts came naturally to me. Therefore, my main natural talents are fashion, singing, and writing. 

9. My purpose statement is "Be full of grace and mercy, overflowing with love". I keep this in mind when making decisions.

10. God has anoited me to be a worship leader. Even when I was young, people told me this because they felt the Holy Spirit when I sang. I also know that I feel the most joy and fulfillment when I am leading people into worship. I know that it's where I belong. 

The point of all this is that knowing these things about myself helped me discover what God wanted me to do. So many believers just sit around waiting for direction on what to do next when many times it can be found by simply looking back. God gives us all unique personalities, callings, styles, spiritual gifts, roles, values, love languages, and natural talents. We just have to identify them.

As a result, I pulled all of these areas together in my life and decided that my future should be based around them. Right now, I am in a worship band and I live out my calling/anointing by leading worship on a regular basis. I am a caregiver using my gift of mercy to help a woman who can't help herself. I started an online business, and began this blog to use my fashion/writing talents. I also hope to use my love language to encourage people through the words that I write. Lastly, by doing all these things I am working toward living my dreams and having the freedom that I value. I feel like God is preparing me for a life of missions, music, business, ministry and leadership. Crazy, I know! In the meantime, I just keep my daily purpose statement in mind. 

I am not saying that I have my life all put together because I definitely don't. I still struggle with trusting God for direction all the time but knowing these things has at least helped things become more apparent. Plus, I've learned what I don't need in my life, versus what is necessary.

I am so passionate about this and I really hope after reading you will get to know yourself in all of these areas. I pray that each of you will find direction and understand your calling/purpose more clearly as well.

Also, I'm a bit obsessed with figuring out other people's personality types, so that I can see how to relate with them and understand how they are wired. I think it's so interesting to see how we all complete each other in our differences. I would love for each of you readers to know yourself in all of the areas I listed but if anything, at least take a personality test if you haven't already. There is a shorter version of the Myers Briggs at Include your results in your comment below, I am so curious!

Of course, feel free to share anything else you have discovered about yourself as well, your callings, spiritual gifts, values, love languages, talents..anything! You now know mine and I would love to get to know you better. Comment or email me <3 

Always Love,


Monday, March 21, 2016


Turns out today is World Poetry Day. Honestly, I wouldn't have known this if it weren't for the trending Instagram tags letting me know. Nevertheless, I decided that today is an important day and I should post some poetry so that I can be a part of it. I haven't shared my poetry with hardly anyone before so I am actually scared of doing this but I am hoping that this blog will be an open space for all of us to share our creativity and our deepest emotions. So here is one!

Yes, it is a bit depressing but I also thought it was appropriate because spring is here and the flowers are blooming...that makes it happier right?.. 

Anyway, I wrote this when I was feeling lonely about a year ago. I had moved to a new place and I really wasn't making any friends. I was wondering if I rushed into adulthood. I was nineteen, working almost full time, and a full time student. I thought I was doing so well getting ahead, but maybe by rushing, I was actually isolating myself and not enjoying my life. Looking back, I am actually grateful for that time because I learned a lot about myself and I am thankful for the experiences that taught me early life lessons.

I hope that you will interpret this poem in your own way and I look forward to sharing more in the future. Please, please, please comment below with some of your own writing (it is World Poetry Day after all, so it is necessary), I would love that so much!

Always Love,


Saturday, March 19, 2016


Recently, I realized something very important. I realized that I have been holding in a lot. I've been hiding my creativity, my feelings, and my potential. I have been distant from many old friends and busy with life. I want to start this blog because I have discovered that keeping up with friends is difficult in a world where we are constantly on the move. The easiest way to do this is online. I hope that this blog helps you get to know me better and helps me keep up with old friends, while also making new ones. I will be sharing my passion for fashion, worship, and business. Also, I have hidden a lot of my art, poetry, music, writings, and well.. my life in general over the past couple of years. I am looking forward to making my thoughts public and being more open with the world, rather than keeping it all in. Please always feel comfortable to share your experiences in the comments so that we can form a beautiful and encouraging community. 

Always Love,